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Read the information below carefully

In general, we do not critique the materials we receive. It is a labor-intensive process, and like most free advice, it would for many artist, not necessarily be appreciated.

Demos submitted to TiJa LuNo Talent Agency will also be considered for non-exclusive worldwide digital distribution thorough Remnant Entertainment Group.

Here are some hints if you would like to send us a demo:

  • if you are sending a demo, please send no more than 3 or at max. 4 tracks per CD.
  • You should place your best tracks first. If you save it for last it might not get heard.
  • Don't send videos or stickers or other paraphernalia! We do like pictures (professional one's preferred).
  • Spend time on the recording, not the cover.
  • Don't send us anything that you are not proud of.

    We listen carefully to each demo hoping to find the next world superstar or someone we believe will at least be a major contributor to their genre. We want to give your music the time and attention that it desires. Therefore, we ask that you include a check or money order for $10 for each package that you submit (per package not CD). By paying this fee guarantees that our directors and producers diligently review your material. This fee does not apply to established record and publishing companies. Established means that your company is registers with your local state or government, have been in existence for 2 or more years and you have a category of at least 3 different genres of music with at least 1 commercial recording available for the public in each genre. Any demos arriving without the accompanying fee will be considered unsolicited material and will not be reviewed or promoted.

    We do provide a service for those of you who would like to considerably improve your chance of getting deals-especially if you find that you have sent out may packages in the past without getting any response whatsoever.

    Send an e-mail to helpme@tijaluno.com to find out more about this service

    If you are sending from outside America, please write "0 value - Promotional Material" on the envelope.


    Please carefully mark all your material and include your e-mail address so we can contact you back if needed.

    Send Demo Package(s) to:

    TiJa LuNo Talent Agency
    Att.: Review Team
    1705 Greenhart Court
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