Becoming a TiJa LuNo artist is a process
It takes time and discipline because a lot of time and money is invested in our artiest
You will also make a substantial time and monetary investment, and it is important that we all feel comfortable every step of the way

First of all you have to have significant talent
It's our responsibility to say "no" to the artist we don't feel have sufficient talent.

This is a very subjective decision and we are prepared to accept that we will sometime miss out on a rising star, but we owe it to our artist to be extremely careful in ascertaining their abilities as recording artist

We can spend thousand on marketing and never gain an inch if you don't have the talent to stand on; because in the end it's all about talent.


  • steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement

    You can be the next Christ Tomlin, Kirk Franklin, Switchfoot, Out of Eden, Jackie Velasquez, or Amy Grant, but if you can't get your music into the hands of the right people you'll never be noticed.

    We don't need to repeat all the stories of all the artist that were initially passed over by major record companies; we've heard them all many times over. What sets you from others is PERSEVERANCE!

    It always or nearly always takes much longer than you think. We've gotten artist signed within six weeks of signing them ourselves and we've also had to wait over three years for a record company to recognize the enormous talent of on e our acts.

    There are ways for you as an artist to shorten this time and that's where team work comes in

    One of the things that set TiJa LuNo apart from other agencies that we optimize the potential help we can get from our artist, but that's a discussion that comes later

    It can take many years for us to recoup time and money we spend on our artist, and during those year many things can happen; group break up, the hope of getting a record deal dwindles, personalities don't jive, money runs out, you name it

    In most cases, when an artist leave us it is because the no longer have the economic possibility of pursing their dream. This is sad but its part of life and part of the music business but it's not new is it?

    What most artists don't realize is that when they have to throw in the towel, TiJa LuNo has lost probably 10 or 20 times as much money then they have due to the overhead and salary expenses that we've had in representing them. It's very much a two-way street

    What we're not
    We are not a booking agency. We don't book gigs. Well that not 100 percent true, but we try to stay away from that because there are other agencies that do just that and only that.

    Our feeling is that time spent booking gigs for our artist is time away from getting record deals and building relationship with important people who make up the team (booking agents, lawyer, publicist, sponsors, record companies, photographer , etc) that the arise will need in order to have a successful career.

    Think of your management as the people between you and the rest often world. It is our job to protect you, market you, help you build your act, set up relationship between you and the people you need help from and guide you on your way to a successful career. If we do the booking as well, we'll lose that focus that we feel is essential in getting your seat on the mountain.

    Criticism is good. Nagging is bad. Suggesting a better way to do things is good. Expecting us to follow all your suggestion is bad

    Keeping a positive attitude and offering to help whenever possible is good. Complaining that some of our artists are making it and you r not is bad

    Keeping it positive is everything. by the way you don't have to be part of the TiJa LuNo team to practice that either

    Scream loud enough and long enough and someone's going to hear you
    It's true. As long as you have talent, if you have the patience, will power, chutzpah, and self confidence you CAN make it

    With TiJa LuNo Talent Agency behind you, your one step closer. When we decide to take on an artist we plan on going all the way, no matter how long it takes.

    That is the only attitude to have if you want success!


    Believe you have what we're looking for...

    • Provide high quality recording of yourself..

    • Hold the well-being of our artist, sponsers, affliates, staff and our company in equal balance.

    • Foster an environment which promotes a spirit of cooperation, self improvement, leadership, and genuine concern for each other.

    • Adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, service and leadership which will earn us the respect and praise of our industry while providing financial stability and independence to those on our team (who would earn it).
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