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TiJa LuNo Talent Agency shops demos and finished products to Major and Independent record companies, publishers and booking agencies in the United States, Europe, and Canada.

We only shop demos and finished products which we feel have the potential for success in whichever market of Christian music we perceive as right for the product. We never shop demos that we do not believe very strongly in, no matter what the terms are

The usual duration of a shopping deal is six months. If after six months we have not succeeded in finding an interested party, we consult with you about extending the period or not.

What we do
First we consult with you about the possible markets for you product. Then we agree on a strategy. Once we have an acceptable plan we start with the companies that we have closes relations with and work from there.

There is an initial starting fee that is non-refundable. Other cost include: communication (telephone/fax/internet) and postage per package. Travel expenses are divided between all the artists we represent on a particular trip. When a deal is consummated, we usually receive 10% of publishing deals and 20% off the top of any other deal we imitate. You may request to see our contract for more precise description.

We have been shopping demos and projects since 2003, but even in this short time I have had great success for two reasons:

1)    We don't shop anything that we don't believe 100 % in so that we always feel confident in the meetins that we have
2)    I travel regularly, network constantly with companies in NY, LA, London and other part of US. We actually meet with A&R and in many cases we listen to the music with them and receive their comments directly.


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